Dear Masjid Aisha Community,

Jazak Allah Khayeer for your generous donation. We are glad to provide you with an update regarding the maintenance work at the Masjid!

*Stop water leak to the women’s prayer-area*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The cost $18,000  Collected



*An Urgent issue appear during the work. Required an Urgent Demolition for the Masjid Office*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The Cost $5,000 Collected


*Re-Building the Room.

*Phase 1: Build the foundation*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The cost $7,000 –> $4,000 Collected



*Phase 2: Build the Room and connected with the Masjid*

(Will start Nov 17th)

*The cost $10,000 –> $0

This is an opportunity for a “Sadaqa Jaria” for the House of Allah. Don’t stop and increase your donation & Allah will multiply your rewards.  Donate now!


Masjid Aisha has been a home to Muslims in Guelph for over 23 years. It is significant for Guelph because of its history, accessibility for East and North end residents and proximity to major industrial areas for Juma prayers. The Masjid is open for daily prayers and Juma Khutbah around the year. Because of the age, it is in need of multiple Small Renovation Projects. It’s a great opportunity for Sadaqa Jariah. Donate now for any one of the following projects and leave your mark fi Sabeel Allah:


  • Fixing the Water leak in the basement. ($18,000) Alhamdullah-Done
  • Renovation of Sister’s prayer area. ($5,000)
  • Main entrance renovation. ($8,000) Alhamdullah-Done
  • Washrooms renovations. ($5,000)
  • Parking Asphalt “Remove & establish new” ($15,000)
  • Painting. ($2000)

Total $47K