Dear Masjid Aisha Community,

Jazak Allah Khayeer for your generous donation. We are glad to provide you with an update regarding the maintenance work at the Masjid!

*Stop water leak to the women’s prayer-area*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The cost $18,000  Collected



*An Urgent issue appear during the work. Required an Urgent Demolition for the Masjid Office*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The Cost $5,000 Collected


*Re-Building the Room.

*Phase 1: Build the foundation*

(Alhamdulillah Done)

*The cost $7,000 –> $4,000 Collected



*Phase 2: Build the Room and connected with the Masjid*

(Will start Nov 17th)

*The cost $10,000 –> $0

This is an opportunity for a “Sadaqa Jaria” for the House of Allah. Don’t stop and increase your donation & Allah will multiply your rewards.  Donate now!