Dr. Emad Abuewimer works with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) – Waterloo Chapter as a Manager for two project: Islamic Centre of Waterloo and Masjid Aisha. Before that he worked as a Program Coordinator of the Embrace Syria Initiative. He has personal experience as a refugee and in-depth knowledge of issues they face. He contacted different community organizations interested in helping refugees and fostered collaboration and interchange of supports between Community agencies in Waterloo Region.


Prior to working with Embrace Syria Initiative as a Coordinator, he volunteered with MAC in Guelph as Program Coordinator and did Community Outreach. Moreover, he was the Community Outreach and Marketing designated for MAC Waterloo’s annual Eid Festival. In November 2015, he was hired by MAC for a part time Bookkeeper – Waterloo Chapter.


Dr. Emad has been awarded MBBS degree in Medicine and Health Sciences, followed by four-years in Internal Medicine Residency Program. He has five years of international experience working in hospitals, clinics and home health care settings, including acute and primary care.


Contact information

44 Marlborough Rd.

Guelph, ON N1E 3X2


(905) 822-2626 Ext 274